hello to all my very few readers. I have to do this thing ^ called the student blogging competietion. yeah- im very exited to perticapate. i hope i win :]

the topic i chose to write about is

5. How do the introductions of Sue Waters and Miss W. differ? They are both teachers yet one gives out more personal information than the other.  Why?

^coppied from site on top.

I found them both to be very charming, in the comments i received from them. Looking further into their personal blogs- i find Sue seems much more relaxed, casual in a way. Ms. W seems just a tad bit more proffesional, but i love her little avatar! IT’s adorable! I think that Ms. W. is more profeesional because she is an actual teacher and makes her students be “internet savvy” while Sue is the person behind TAFE websites, so she probably knows how to do all kinds firewalls and protection things. so Ms. W is probably more cautious because of her lack of technological skills, compaired to Sue.



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  1. Fantastic comparison Kayla. Sue , who writes the Edublogger works mainly with adult students who already have a presence on the web, while I (named Sue also) am trying to lead by example with my students who are only in grade 6/7 and just starting out on the web.

    If you want information on how to do things to your blog, check with Sue Waters, if you want some fun activities to visit using web2.0 visit Miss W.

  2. I also agree with Miss W excellent comparison. I especially love being described as relaxed. As Miss W points out the difference that you see is in our blogging audience. Her audience is young students and it is important that she models how they should interact on the Internet. Which is why she doesn’t use her own photo and uses a shortening of her name. My audience is mostly other educators. Also I work with adult students.

    Personally though I think that she is better at writing the comments than me. When I read comments she writes I think why didn’t I think of that? But that is the key we can only really be how we are and can’t be someone else.

    I think if you compared my About page on The Edublogger with my About page on my personal blog you would also see differences. Even my style of writing on my personal blog is slightly different — I tend to be way more relaxed on my personal blog and share more humor.

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